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The fjords and the
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The fjords and your
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The Lofoten islands
and Lappland - August
The Lofoten islands
and Lappland - November
The Lofoten islands and Lappland - November

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Day 1 (Nov 7) Arrival Bodø
Meet and greet at the Bodø airport. Transfer by bus to the hotel. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at the Skagen Hotel.

Day 2 (Nov 8) Bodø – Svolvær – Henningsvær (Lofoten)
Depart after an early breakfast by bus towards Kjerringøy. A ferry will bring you over to the island. Arrive at the Kjerringøy Old Trading Post 40 km north of Bodø. It consists of 15 well- preserved old houses and makes up one of Norway’s most important and charming architectural monuments from the end of the 19th century. In the afternoon departure on the Hurtigruten ship. Cross the Vestfjord over to Lofoten, a group of islands stretching from the mainland into the ocean. Dinner onboard before arriving in Svolvær. Transfer to the fishing village of Henningsvær. Check-in at the Henningsvær Bryggehotell for a three night stay.

Day 3 (Nov 9) Lofoten
Start early with a 30-60 minute briefing/presentation about the killer whale followed by a safari. The duration of the safari is apx 6 hours depending on the weather and where the whales are spotted. Relax in the afternoon. There are two hot tubs just outside the hotel. Start the evening with a multimedia performance in the Gallery House of Lofoten followed by champagne in the other rooms of the gallery. Dinner at "Trandamperiet" (an old cod liver refinery) with rustic furniture and an informal atmosphere.

Day 4 (Nov 10) Lofoten
Lofoten Seafood Theater from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Join a proper fishing boat with professional crew onboard. The catch of the day is pulled out of the sea and those who wish may attempt to fish with the traditional fishing gear “jukse”. Learn about the fishing traditions in Lofoten, how to cut a filet out from the fish and about the various fishing processes. Have a taste of cod liver oil and pure stock fish... Dinner is served at Finnholmen Brygge – a five course meal based on the catch of the day.

Day 5 (Nov 11) Henningsvær – Norwegian Coastal Voyage (Departure 22:00)
Sightseeing by motor coach around the islands. Arrive at the Lofotr Viking Museum. Enjoy a 3-course viking meal in a full size reconstruction of a house from the Viking era. Start the evening with a refreshment at Magic Ice, the world’s first Ice Gallery and bar - among sculptures and installations made of ice, dramatically lit and presented together with sound, music and images. The magical adventure is followed by a culinary treat at the Du Verden Restaurant, run by the Chef of the Year 2004. Depart from Svolvær in the late evening on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. Spend three nights onboard and enjoy a genuine, friendly and unpretentious voyage along Norway’s beautiful coastline.

Day 6 (Nov 12) Norwegian Coastal Voyage (Tromsø 14:30-18:30)
From the town of Harstad sail across the Vågsfjord towards the narrower Tranøyfjord. Sail under the Gisundbrua Bridge linking Senja – Norway’s second largest island – to the mainland. Have lunch onboard before getting off the ship to have a closer look at Tromsø. There will also be time to stroll around on your own before boarding the ship leaving at six- thirty.

Day 7 (Nov 13) Norwegian Coastal Voyage (honningsvåg 11:45 – 15:15)
Thanks to its excellent sheltered harbour, Honningsvåg has become a major fishing port and the capital of the North Cape region. About 4000–5000 ships call here each year. Travel up to the North Cape – the cliff rising 307 meters out of the North Atlantic Ocean on the utmost point of Europe. Continue the journey across the Porsangerfjord. Observe the world’s largest bird cliff at Sværholtklubb. Round the most northerly point of mainland Europe, and then sail throughout the night along the northern coast via towns of Vardø and Vadsø finally reaching Kirkenes the next morning.

Day 8 (Nov 14) Norwegian Coastal Voyage (Arrival Kirkenes 10:00)
The town of Kirkenes is located in the Barents region 70 degrees north and 30 degrees east with borders to both Russia and Finland. Ice free ports give access to the Barents sea all year round. Transfer to the Gabba Reindeer Safari Park. Meet, feed and photograph the reindeers. Arctic Salmon Soup and cake is served in a lavvo restaurant. Visit the Andersgrotta bombshelter – a huge cave in the mountain in the very center of Kirkenes. A guided tour and a 9 minute video shows how the bombing during WW2 affected the civilians. Then pay a visit to a Russian trawler in the Kirkenes harbor. The visit includes a welcome by the captain and his crew and a nice cup of Russian tea. In the evening transfer by coach to the Neiden Lodge on the bank of the Neiden river – just 5km from Finland. It opened in 1876 and was (and still is) used by reindeer herdsmen. Enjoy some sami culture and a tasteful dinner by the fire. Overnight at the Rica Arctic Hotel.

Day (Nov 15) 9 Kirkenes
Experience the life near the Russian border. Then continue onboard a Zodiac rib boat into the Jarfjordbotn. Watch a diver catch the giant King Crab. Eat the delicacy while learning more about the life of this enormous and exotic sea animal. In the evening walk to nearby Vin & Vilt for a delicious and memorable meal in Kirkenes’ best gourmet restaurant.

Day 10 (Nov 16) Departure Kirkenes
Breakfast at the hotel. Free until departure. Transfer by private motorcoach from the hotel to the airport.

Download PDF Download detailed version of this program (PDF/95kb)