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New Scandinavian Cooking
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New Scandinavian Cooking

The TV-series “New Scandinavian Cooking with Andreas Viestad” was launched in 2001. Since then 3 seasons of the series has been produced and can be seen nationwide on public television. Andreas brings his mobile kitchen to Norway’s stunningly beautiful fjords, cities and countryside where he prepares simple, delicious food outdoors – each episode being a rich exposé of Scandinavian cuisine, culture and history.

Acting as both chef and guide, Andreas brings the viewers on an eye-opening voyage as he travels through Norway – one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries in the world – and he always makes sure each dish can be made in your kitchen at home.

In each episode, Andreas himself ventures out to catch and gather his own ingredients in the Norwegian fjords, mountains and woods – giving full meaning to every element of his recipes. Andreas explains this unique approach to the cooking show genre in these terms: ”It is impossible to relate to food without understanding the culture... In Norway the relationship between nature and food is especially close. To capture this richness and intimacy, we had to cook outdoors”.

Find out more about the TV-series on http://www.scandcook.com/ . Check your local listings for schedules.