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Andreas Viestad is a well-known and respected food writer and unlike most other TV-chefs. In addition to learning how to prepare new recipes with local Scandinavian ingredients the viewers are also introduced to Norwegian traditions, culture and lifestyle.

The guided tour of Norway includes many places where Andreas has appeared and will appear on TV with his mobile kitchen. The lunches and dinners are either prepared and served as seen on a particular TV-show or the local restaurant chef is inspired by Andreas’ recipes and prepares something similar. Nevertheless behind every ingredient and dish hides a fascinating story.

Taste fresh salmon by the Suldalslågen salmon river. Enjoy the local variation of the classic Salad Nicoise which Andreas made on the Pulpit Rock 2000 feet above the fjord. Savor goat cheese at the very charming farm where it is made. Eat a special and delicious fish soup outdoors on the quay in Bodø.

Almost daily the meals have a “touch of Andreas”  whether it is his exact recipe or based on exciting ingredients and spices that he would have approved of. His approach to cooking, bringing a modern twist into traditional cooking and enriching new recipes with traditional ingredients, is proof of his philosophy that cooking should always be fun, simple and full of flavor.

Bon appétit!