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About the chef: Andreas Viestad

Andreas is the charismatic host and chef in three seasons of public television’s New Scandinavian Cooking. He is also a popular food columnist and a gifted cook and has published several cookbooks. His first English cookbook “Kichen of Light” from 2003 can be purchased on this website.

Andreas is a native Norwegian, born in Oslo in 1973, and has traveled all over the world. He has lived permanently in Zimbabwe and Boston, but now his home is Norway – either the apartment in Oslo or the Viestad farm, his summer residence in the south. His love of travel brings him wherever his appetite leads him – to meet new people and sample new flavors.

Andreas has a natural talent for incorporating a modern twist into traditional cooking, and for enriching new recipes with traditional ingredients. His bottom line philosophy is that cooking should always be fun, simple and full of flavor.

A fan of the New Scandinavian Cooking show writes: “Andreas Viestad is thoroughly enjoyable to watch, each time. There hasn't been one show I couldn't find something worth considering cooking myself. He's hired himself a crew that blows the competition to bits. His intro music, cinematography/photography and and and well, everything fits together seamlessly. From location to location, from recipe to recipe, perfection.”